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Our scenic wildlife tours get you up close and personal to the beauty of Taiya inlet and many of the animals that Southeast Alaska is famous for.




Gaze upon waterfalls, sheer cliffs and the Chilkat Mountain Range. Look for seals and sea lions basking on the shore or fishing for salmon. Spot mountain goats precariously balanced on high rock faces. Watch bald eagles and Arctic terns soar through the sky. See the occasional bear cruise the shore line and find our favorite animals, orca and humpback whales.

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Whenever orca or humpback whales are around they are the star of the show.  Orca or Killer Whales are often found in large pods and will occasionally visit the inlet.  They come for the food but have been known to show interest in boats and will cruise alongside.  Watch for the male and his 6 foot dorsal fin!

Alaskan Whale Watching - Humpback Whale Breach

Humpback whales will come up the inlet as well.  They are our favorite animal so we are ALWAYS on the lookout.  They spend their summers in Alaska feeding and can get to be 45 feet long!  Ask us about whale watching!


Book A Scenic Wildlife Cruise Today!! We recommend a 3 hour tour.